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Intelligence Gathering and Surveillance at the Football Lads Association March

I have been asked to comment on the Football Lads Association march on 7th October 2017 and what I know about the march. I do not have any information about the FLA march as I am not involved with FLA in any way, however I understand that the aim of the march is that it will be a peaceful meeting of football fans from all over the country who are coming together to show their support in fighting extremism. I am also aware that the necessary official protest arrangements have been made with the Metropolitan Police, and that a route has been mapped out and that all those attending should follow that route so that they stay in accordance with the Metropolitan Police protest permission.

However, what does not seem to be discussed on the forums and social media is the likelihood of intelligence that will be gathered by both the Metropolitan Police and other police forces on those who are attending. This will be treated like any other march where there is a risk of violence and lets face it, a march of thousands of football fans, which also has the potential for anti-fascists and other groups to be present will be perceived as having a risk of violence.

If you are attending the march, expect to be filmed as you exit train and tube stations, you may be pulled over to one side and asked to provide your details and be filmed, just as at football matches. A police officer, after one conversation with a superior can ask that anyone with face coverings remove them. This will apply to any scarves wrapped round faces just as much as those who choose to cover their faces with masks.

The police will have details of those fans who are linked to incidents both in the UK and overseas who have not yet been identified. A large gathering of football fans may provide the opportunity to scan the crowds for any wanted persons.

Essentially, if you are attending the march, be alive to the fact that you will be watched!