Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking – Developing Police Training Materials

Are you a Custody Sergeant or Police 1st Responder?

We need your help to develop our human trafficking training.

Euston, Central London. 14Th August 2013

Migrant Help is a charity working with police forces and other Government agencies around the UK, which supports human trafficking victims.

Following on from the training we carried out last year, it became apparent that there is still a long way to go in training 1st responders, lawyers, civilian police custody staff, and prison staff so that they can effectively identify victims of human trafficking.

Due to the nature of human trafficking, it is not possible to provide exact figures of the number of people who are trafficked in the UK every year, but it is accepted by the Government, law enforcement, prosecuting authorities and charities that trafficking for both sexual exploitation and labour exploitation exists in the UK and is a problem which must be tackled.

We recognise the need to train 1st responders, lawyers, civilian custody staff, and prison staff in recognising human trafficking and have obtained funding to create and deliver training packages tailored to each of these groups, to be rolled out in the Autumn 2013.

 We are currently testing the training materials on representatives of all of the above groups in order to ensure they are as useful as possible. On 14th August 2013 (11:00 to 13:00) we are holding a round table session at Euston in Central London to review the training materials to be presented to police station custody staff, and 1st responders in Police Forces in London and South East of England, including British Transport Police.

If you are a Custody Sergeant, 1st responder (PC, PCSO or Special Constable) and would like to be involved in reviewing the materials, we would love to hear your views. There is no need to have any human trafficking knowledge, as this session will be to assess whether the materials are usable, and also whether our approach to the training is correct.

To register your interest in attending, please contact me at

Please note: We do not require you to be an official representative of your police force, as at this stage we are just testing the materials. Reasonable travel expenses incurred in attending the roundtable session will be covered.

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