How can I get rid of my football ban? The early termination process

With the new football season comes the question from banned fans “How can I get rid of my ban?”  For those fans who are eligible for early termination of a football banning order it’s quite a straightforward process. If a court refuses to remove the ban, another application can’t be made for 6 months, so it is important to get it right first time.  After two thirds of the ban has been served a fan can apply to terminate  a football banning order imposed by the court under Sections 14a or 14b of the Football Spectators Act

The application to terminate will concentrate on the fan’s behaviour since the ban was imposed, so will look at things such as whether the fan has complied with the ban, has stayed away from football, has kept out of any other trouble, and in some cases has moved away from the influences which resulted in the fan being banned – for example a fan may have hung around with other banned fans and risk supporters at the time of the ban, but may  not have socialised with them since receiving the ban.

The court will want to know whether the police support the early termination or at least have no objections to it.  If the fan hasn’t come to the attention of the football intelligence officer since being banned it is unusual for the police to oppose the termination application.  Character references from employers or  teachers are also important.

In most cases where a fan contacts me about terminating a ban, if my advice is that they should apply, their ban is terminated. But that is only halff of the story as it is then important that the football intelligence officers and the football club are also notified that the ban had been terminated, otherwise a fan may find themselves refused entry at the turnstiles,

What can’t be guaranteed is that the football club will also remove any ban imposed. A football club ban can rarely be challenged in court, however if the court has removed the football banning order, a club will more likely be prepared to negotiate the end of a ban.  Hence, if you are a fan who has served two thirds of their ban, this football season may not be out of bounds to you after all.

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