Statement from Selachii LLP, Daniel Goodwin and Alison Gurden in relation to the Roy Larner Appreciation Night

Today Alison Gurden has been handed £700 in cash by Mr Daniel Goodwin, during a meeting between them and also Mr Goodwin’s solicitor from Selachii LLP. Alison Gurden has accepted the money on behalf of Roy Larner and will be passing it to him in the next couple of days. This means that in total £2700 has been handed over by Mr Goodwin to Roy Larner.

All the parties would like to clarify that the reason that Alison Gurden did not meet with Mr Goodwin earlier is due to the fact that Selachii LLP made contact with Alison Gurden and that it was requested by Selachii LLP that as they were now representing Mr Goodwin, there should be no more contact between Alison Gurden and Mr Goodwin. Due to the contents of the communications of Selachii LLP to Alison Gurden, there were matters which had to be addressed before a meeting could be arranged. These matters were finally addressed at 17:30 on 18th September 2017, and a meeting was arranged by Alison Gurden on Tuesday 19th September 2017 to take place on 14:30 today.

The breakdown of the costs and receipts for the evening were discussed and Mr Goodwin provided photographs of players which were signed and which were not sold during the Appreciation evening. We have calculated that these are still worthy of sale and the proceeds, if they are sold will amount to around £2000, Mr Goodwin has today handed some of them to Alison Gurden so that she can try to arrange the sale of them and any proceeds of the sale will be passed to Mr Larner. Mr Goodwin is going to endeavour to arrange that the unsigned copies are signed within the next two weeks and he will then pass any additional signed photographs to Alison Gurden to be added to the sale.

Mr Goodwin has been advised by Alison Gurden that he should make no more comment on this event in any format, but Mr Goodwin retracts any comments which have been made which suggest that Alison Gurden did not act appropriately in relation to her dealings with this matter.


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Social Justice Barrister, interested in all things contentious & anything criminal justice related including prisoners and complaints against the police. Specialising in criminal law - mainly sex, violence, and football fans (not necessarily all 3 at the same time!). Represents people facing death penalty in the USA. Associate Member at Drystone Chambers

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